techniki diamorfosi

Construction & Renovation

Who we are:
Techniki Diamorfosi E.E. was created to enable everyone to upgrade their quality of life.
We are offering a better way of life, through the creation or renovation – reconstruction of your spaces.
For us, a building is the set of spaces that houses life experiences. Life and business experiences that are unique to you. We see the building as a means of capturing your own psyche and personal style.
Our different perspective, our heavy heritage, our deep know-how in projects of high demands, the creative – innovative practices that we follow, the wide network of partners and the clear procedures, guarantee the fulfillment of your goals.

Techni k Diamorfosi S.A. , active in construction field for 20 years, with a big list of all type constructions was recently revamped to Techniki Diamorfosi E.E. operating under the umbrella of the AFRICON Group of companies globally registered in Greece (1998 and 2006), in Nigeria (2007), in USA (2013) and more (

Our Vision:
• Creating living spaces that upgrade your quality of life.
• Offering a new upgraded lifestyle that you deserve.
We live to redefine the living standards of the spaces we create or renovate. We believe that an upgraded quality of life is everyone’s right.

Our Mission:

Our quarter of a century experience as Techni k Diamorfosi S.A. continues to grow as Techniki Diamorfosi E.E. and our specialized know-how in projects of high demands, our creative and innovative approach, our wide network of partners and our structured processes, allow us to offer perfect construction solutions, which last over time, excellent value for money, always within budget and time commitments.

What we provide:

We are committed to providing personalized solutions, based on smart construction techniques, high quality materials and implemented by our workforce and experienced partners.
Each of our solutions withstands time, while the unbeatable value for money is distinguished. Every space we create is a living space. Unique, like you!

Personalized solutions to your measures!
Our experience and ability to create living spaces, enable us to offer personalized solutions that upgrade your quality of life, satisfying your needs and desires, based on your own orientation.
We offer the absolute feeling of freedom, to create your own living space, exactly as you have imagined it.


– Focus on human needs
– Expertise and Credibility
– Precision and Innovation
– Freedom of choice and non-negotiable quality
– Added Value
– Transparency and Honesty
– Together we are ONE team

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