At AFRICON we know that shipping requirements differ from commodity to commodity, just as they do from customer to customer. Which is why we are proud to introduce AFRICON Shipping & Trading, offering expert global shipping services in the transportation of wet (crude oil, petroleum products, lubricants, easy chemicals, edible oils) and dry cargoes (breakbulk, steels, general and project cargoes) to our customers’ benefit. AFRICON provides worldwide coverage of shipping routes, but also specializes in the West African Region due to the group’s physical presence in Nigeria.

AFRICON Shipping & Trading S.A. is a member of AFRICON GROUP (

AFRICON is present in Greece, Cyprus, Nigeria, Ghana and has strong global partnerships in countries like the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Panama and others.

Africon Shipping offers services focused on safety, security and reliability; services our customers can trust, provided by people they personally know and can trust. It’s AFRICON’s people – and their expertise – which set us apart from other shipping companies. The dedicated people who make up AFRICON’s team in Athens, Abuja and Lagos have many years of experience in both dry and wet sectors of shipping. They are experts in their particular field, know and understand the challenges of shipping industry and make it their business to maintain the high standards of performance and quality.

As of September 2011, Africon Shipping joined forces with Kaporo Marine Co. Limited and now both operate under the name Africon Shipping S.A. The founder of Kaporo Marine Co. Limited John Paouris is now a major shareholder and the head of Africon’s shipping arm.
The main activity of Kaporo Marine has been, for approximately 11 years, the fixture and operation of general cargo, multipurpose vessels and bulk carriers on behalf of steel mills, oil companies, constructors, trading houses etc. for the purpose of transporting steel pipes, rebars, coils, machinery, heavy equipments and bulk cargoes.

* Brief History of Kaporo Marine Co. Ltd

John Paouris involvement in shipping industry dates back to the decade of ’70s. It was then that Paouris family began trading marine fuels and lubricants worldwide under the name Sheffield Maritime Ltd. He worked from 1986 to 1999 as sales and credit manager in the family business with offices in Greece, England and Cyprus, thus acquiring a valuable experience in the petroleum sector as well.

The Paouris family expanded to shipownership and management in the ’80s with two sister multipurpose dry cargo vessels of 20.000 tns dwt, two small tankers and a chemical carrier of 5.000 tns dwt. From 1989 to 1999, he was also actively involved in the management and chartering of the above fleet. Around the end of ’90s the cooperation with iron and pipe mills (namely Sidenor and Corinth Pipeworks) led to the formation of Kaporo Marine Co. Ltd., a charterer / operator specialised in bulk and project cargoes. From 2000 up to 2011 John has been the managing director of Kaporo Marine.

The accumulated experience from owning and operating multipurpose vessels coupled with the close relationship with European heavy lifting shipowners and project cargoes operators helped the company to acquire a good reputation in the carriage and handling of steel pipes, as well as of any kind of heavy or large pieces of machinery and equipment. The chartering and operation of vessels of any tonnage, built with box shaped holds and equipped with cranes possessing sufficient lifting capacity for heavy cargoes, has become the area of specialisation.

* Why choose Africon’s service?

Global reach, reliable service, sustainable growth

Timing and information are the two most valuable assets in the negotiation process due to the lack of transparency in the physical chartering market and fragmentation of ships ownership. From experience gained in so many years of trading, management recognised the benefit of controlling tonnage and, thus, acquiring more market information.

A higher volume of transactions allows us to transact more competitively and develop close relationships with shipowners, commodities traders, shippers and cargo receivers.

During our history, we have been given exclusive chartering rights of a substantial number of oil traders. AFRICON is also very active in COA transactions, which provide a consistent supply of cargoes throughout the year.

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Care at a competitive price

AFRICON’s service is about more than global reach, modern equipment, swift response to customers’ needs. It’s about commitment and that personal touch. Commitment to providing a tailor-made service at a competitive price and individualised through-transport solutions.

We care for your products at sea. And while we will always find ways of using technology to improve our service to you, you can count on us to listen and provide personal support.

In-depth knowledge, close relationships

AFRICON is a member of AFRICON Group and prides itself on having a thorough understanding of the industry. We believe in forming close, lasting relationships with producers, shippers, trading houses, independent and state oil companies and in playing an active role in the industry.

Accurate documentation, quick responses.

AFRICON is committed to giving you, the customer, any information you need, when you need it and in the way you need it. At AFRICON we know how important it is to have precise consignment information, accurate freight invoices, bills of lading and cargo documents issued on time.

Dedicated experts who speak your language

When you deal with AFRICON, you deal with people who speak your language and care about your products.

Our long-serving AFRICON experts are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ employees. They are on-hand to offer preventive advice on all aspects of shipments and transportation logistics. They’re always available to listen and share their knowledge. You can trust AFRICON team to take care of your products.

* Fleet information

AFRICON fleet consists of a combination of chartered and owned vessels. Flexibility in adjusting ships’ size, type and age is what gives AFRICON a competitive edge in the global freight market.

* Indicative track record

Please find herebelow a brief description of three of the projects we undertook involving several shipments performed by our chartered vessels:

Project: Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Replacement of NGL Pipelines Network, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Customer: Dodsal Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd.
COA: Four shipments of steel pipes from Thisvi, Greece to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. on Free in / Liner out basis during June and July 2008

Vessels chartered by Kaporo Marine Co. Ltd.:
MV SCL THUN operated by Swiss Canadian Line
MV MARIA GREEN operated by Beluga Chartering
MV CEC MERMAID operated by Clipper-Elite Carriers
MV BELUGA INTONATION operated by Beluga Chartering

Project: Transportation of steel pipes for piles to Angola
Customer: Bechtel International Corp.
COA: Four shipments of steel pipes from Thisvi, Greece to Port of Soyo, Angola on Free in / out basis from August 2008 to January 2009

Vessels chartered by Kaporo Marine Co. Ltd.:
MV LADY GLORIA operated by Navemar SpA.
MV MARION GREEN operated by Beluga Chartering
MV BELUGA FOUNDATION operated by Beluga Chartering
MV BELUGA ENTERPRISE operated by Beluga Chartering

Project: Construction of QCLNG Export Pipeline – Collection Header Project by British Gas Group
Customer: MCJV (McConnell Dowell Constructors & Consolidated Contracting Company Joint Venture)
One shipment of cement and FBE coated steel pipes from Kabil, Indonesia to Gladstone, Queensland, Australia on Free In / Liner Out basis from May to June 2011

Vessel chartered by Kaporo Marine Co. Ltd.:
MV BELUGA MUMBAI operated by Beluga Chartering

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