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AFRICON continues to explore new business interests, investigation of new co-operations, enhancement of investments and bilateral business relations, activation – expansion of National companies into other markets etc.

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    In an attempt to offer high quality medicines to the West African and Nigerian market, AFRICON has joined forces with ELPEN ,  the leading Greek pharmaceutical company.

    Oil & Gas

    AFRICON focuses on the Oil & Gas sector in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, having established strong relationships with physical suppliers, refineries and customers worldwide. AFRICON is mainly involved in the following activities: Crude oil trading: We have been a global

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    AFRICON – CosmosBridge/Western Union

    A very strong collaboration with CosmosBridge, one of the leading Western Union distributors worldwide, has been formed, in order to provide high-end Western Union retail financial services to various countries which are missing such a valuable service.


    Having the experience and expertise from decades of successful operation, we are well suited and more than capable to execute any project within the fields of our interest.

    Dr. Alkis Algianakis Chairman & CEO, AFRICON Group


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