AFRICON is building on the experience and expertise of two sister organizations/groups, ARCOM and ITHAX. The former dealing with satellite, terrestrial and maritime, telecommunications since 1998, while the later with fixed and mobile internet (VOIP) telephony since 2000.

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AFRICON has been following the African and especially the Nigerian telecommunications market and future developments inside the country are investigated as follows:

  • Satellite interconnection of Nigeria with Europe, Asia and the US (the actual backbone interconnection will depend on costs and evaluation of the situation). Such a connection will provide a cheap and reliable backbone on which all telecommunications needs of the country (telephone, fax, internet, even TV) will and can be based upon. The option of an underwater cable interconnection will also be investigated for that matter.
  • The second (almost simultaneous step) is to develop a telecommunications network that will expand quickly, reaching a big part of the population, including business and government centers, with the lowest possible infrastructure and cost. The task will be achieved by using wireless microwave radio interconnection between the backbone gateway (cable and/or satellite) and the local base stations, as well as the end users in all populated areas of the country. Wireless technology is cheap, reliable, easy to set up, maintain and expand.
  • ITHAX VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony will then be implemented in the most effective way.
  • Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi) and WANs will also be developed around the base stations in order to provide access to the internet without the need of infrastructure or cabling towards the end users, meaning that whoever is inside the coverage of the base station, will be able to “surf” the internet and connect to the world by the use of a simple and cheap PC of the current market specs.
  • Small, portable or handheld satellite transceivers (the smallest having the shape, size and usage of a GSM phone) will also be provided to government and business users in order to increase mobility and efficiency in areas where a base station installation is not cost effective.
  • The organization will also cater for the provision of satellite airtime and hardware, to the shipping industry of the country.
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